Everyone loves mixtapes and winning stuff, so I’ve decided to combine both of those things into a running contest. Think of it as a lottery to win your own customized mixtape crafted by yours truly. Winners will be able to request a mixtape theme (eg. new jack swing, festival bangers, 80s hair bands, etc.) and I will create your vision like a fine bespoke suit/dress (fancy, I know).

In order to win (when the contest is open), please guess an available number and complete the form when provided. When the contest closes, a number will be randomly chosen by a super algorithm and the closest guess to that number will be the winner. In addition to the awesome customized mixtape, the winner will be credited with an “Executive Producer” title so you can tell your co-workers at the office water cooler to go download your latest mixtape!

Download/stream the latest “DOSA WANTS TO MAKE YOU A MIXTAPE” below & stay tuned for your next chance to win!

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